MacBooks, imacs and All laptops & all-in-one pc's

Screen replacement

If the screen is faulty we will need to identify the exact model which may involve removal and disassembly of the screen  to get the part number or code and we will need the laptop collected and brought to our workshop prior to providing a repair quotation. With Apple laptops and iMacs we will also need the serial number. If you are unable to find the serial number we can direct you.

If you would like to know more about our laptop screen supply and fitting service please contact us or book a collection for a assessment and quotation.

Broken Screen Replacement

screen repair & replacement

Screens can get cracked or malfunction after a laptop has been dropped or from an impact on the screen. LCD screens can also 'leak' and this leakage can damage other components. In many cases there are no visible signs of impact but you experience colour display/resolutions issues, blank screens and image distortions. If any of the above occurs you will need to book it in for us to check and diagnoses the issue. If the screen is ok there could be issues the the CPU (central processing unit)  or GPU (graphics processor).
For diagnostics please BOOK A COLLECTION & RETURN