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We have relocated from our storefront in Swansea City Centre and work out of our workshop in Swansea. We no longer provide a walk-in service and only provide a collect & return service.

Free collection & return from your home or office within a 4 mile radius from Swansea City Centre.

Apple Mac Diagnostics repairs & upgrades

Collection - Repair - Return service

Our's is the perfect choice when it comes to Mac repair, service and support for all your Apple Mac computers including Mac Pro, Mac mini, iMac, PowerBook G4, iBook G4, MacBook, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro models.

We are an independent and locally owned Mac repair centre having technicians and engineers who have immense knowledge and years of experience in working with Apple Mac computer hardware and software issues.

Our experienced team can troubleshoot and repair a large number of faults with Apple Mac computers but the most common include no power or computer does not turn on, computer does not boot, frequent kernel panics, Mac computer keeps crashing on start up, Mac computer overheating, computer boots but no video, computer screen goes black, cracked / physically damaged or broken screen, bad or defective memory module, logic board failure, NVIDIA graphics processor or graphics chipset failure, non functioning SuperDrive, distorted video, failed hard drive, computer shuts down unexpectedly, Mac computer freezing randomly, accidentally dropped Mac laptop, lines appear on screen, Apple computer is operating really slow, computer not detecting wireless network and liquid or water damaged Apple computer issues.

We can also increase performance of older MacBooks and iMacs by upgrading to solid state drives (SSD) and RAM upgrades. In some cases updating the operating systems of Macs no longer  supported by Apple. We recommend the SSD option because in addition to much faster performance (10x faster), SSD’s do not produce any additional heat contributing to rise in internal temperature of the system and performance is not affected by the surrounding ambient temperature.