MacBooks, imacs and all laptops & all-in-one pc's

liquid or water damage repair

If there is water damage to your MacBook or laptop there is a good chance a repair is possible. We collect your laptop and bring it to our workshop for cleanup and assessment of the damage. In many cases a cleanup fixes the startup or performance issues caused by liquid or water being introduced to the fragile and sensitive electronic components and materials. Cleanup involves complete disassembly of your  laptop and the electronic components are soaked in a hydrophobic solvent mixture for several hours . the components are dried out with another soak in a alcohol (ethanol/petroleum) mixture and air dried before reassembly and diagnostics. In many cases this fixes the problem but in other cases some components may require replacement if there has been damage caused by corrosion. The soak and clean up process will take several hours and  you will be charged for this process in advance. In many cases the soak and cleanup fixes the faulty device.

To book a collection and water/liquid damage diagnostics or insurance report please book a collection.