Uplands Computers is a computer repair and service centre based in Swansea. We specialise in both Apple Mac and Windows systems. Here are some details about our services:

  1. Services Offered:

    • Hardware and Software Repairs: PCMAC provides repairs for both hardware and software issues. Whether it’s a malfunctioning component or a software glitch, we can diagnose and fix it.
    • Upgrades: If you need to boost your computer’s performance, we can assist with hardware upgrades such as RAM, storage, or graphics cards.
    • Screen Replacements: For laptops and other devices, we offer screen replacement services.
    • Liquid Damage Repairs: Accidental spills happen, but we can help restore your device if it has suffered liquid damage.
    • Data Recovery: If you’ve lost important files, we can help recover data from damaged drives.
    • CCTV Solutions: We also supplies and build CCTV systems for clients.
  1. Collect & Return Service:

    • Uplands Computers offers a convenient collect and return service. We will pick up your equipment from your home or office, perform the necessary repairs or upgrades, and then return it to you.
    • Before starting any work, we will diagnose the issues and provide you with advice on feasibility and costs.
  1. Relocation:

    • We have been serving customers from our shops in the Uplands, Morriston, and Swansea City Centre since 1997.
    • Due to current trends and customer preferences (especially with more people working from home), we have relocated to our workshop and now exclusively offer the collect and return service.

For more information, you can email:

We will collect your equipment from your home or office and return them back after the repair or upgrade. Before repairing we will check & diagnose the issues and advise you on feasibility  and costs.  We repair, service and upgrade all Apple Macs, Windows & Linux systems. Our services include hardware & software upgrades, screen replacements, liquid damage repairs and data recovery. 
We have been trading from our shops in the Uplands, Morriston and Swansea City Centre over the years since 1997 but d
ue current trends and customer requirements with many people now working from home preferring onsite assistance we have relocated to our workshop and only offer a collect & return service. 

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