System Recovery System failure after a virus attack?

Hard drive failed?

The computer is very slow?

collect and return service 29.00 System Recovery  from 55.00
Data recovery  from 25.00

System recovered  to your original Windows factory settings .

Sometimes you need to restore your PC back to its original system configuration after software corruption or hardware failure. We can do all this for you and depending on the nature of the problem. Normal turnaround from booking in to collection is a maximum of 3 days.

 Microsoft Windows Licence :

  • To reinstall to the original we will need your 25 digit windows product key - this is usually stuck to the computer chassis or under need the laptop, sometimes under the battery.
  • Microsoft Office products are additional software which have their own licence keys and installation media.
  • For other 3rd party software we may need the installation discs and serial numbers.

To ensure your computer is returned to you working to its full performance and reliability all MicrosoftWindows reinstallation includes:

  1. All Microsoft updates
  2. all driver software and manufacturers driver software and updates
  3. FREE 1 year free anti virus software
  4. Virus definition updates
  5. Latest flash player
  6. Acrobat Reader
  7. the latest Open Office software package

 Your personal Data:

If you have not backed up your data, depending on the type of damage, e.g.

  • hard drive failure
  • motherboard fault
  • hard drive corruption

we can  recover or transfer data after reconfiguring your computer.


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