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Desktop & Laptop Repairs

Most of our services can be done on site or in our shop in Swansea City Centre. Usually the costs are much less when you bring the work to our shop. We also offer a collect - repair - service, where the equipment is picked out by our callout engineer and returned to you after the repair. Please call 01792 456717 to book a collection or onsite callout.


Desktop & Laptop Upgrades

If you are running out of space on your hard drive, or your machine is a few years old and a little slow, sometimes the best thing to do is upgrade it rather than to buy a new machine, this can sometimes be a lot cheaper than you realise. If you are running out of space we can arrange to have a new or additional hard drive fitted and if your machine is slow, one solution could be adding additional memory, we can also do this for you. It's also worth noting here that a PC or Mac doesn't need to be old to be upgraded, with technology moving at the speed it is, a computer can need an upgrade after as little as a year ! We can do the work as well as provide the parts, we have no affiliate program that ties us in to any supplier and we will shop around our trusted suppliers to get you the best deal.


Laptop Screen Replacement

If you have damaged the screen of your laptop, then did you know it doesn't mean that it's the end of the laptop ?  Laptop screens can be replaced quite easily, and this is almost always cheaper than buying a new machine !  If you have damaged your screen, then call us and we can arrange to replace your screen.


PC & Apple Mac'Service' 

Nobody thinks twice of booking their car in for a service, after a car is three years old, it's mandatory to give it an MOT once a year. Your computer is no different to be honest ! A yearly tune up could save you time and money in the future, our standard service checks some of the common problems and faults, checks the virus software is working, check the computer is up to date with security updates, check the hardware internal connections - and we will even give it a clean for you !


Virus, Spyware, Malware Removal 

If your computer seems to have a mind of it's own, takes forever booting up, or boots up fine, but then is just impossible to work with then it's likely that you have some kind of virus, spyware or malware. As annoying as these things are, most of the time they can be removed, although with some it can be quite a lengthy process. If you recognise any of these symptoms then it may be time for your computer to be checked over.


New and Refurbished Computers  For Sale 

We usually have a stock of refurbished desktop PC's and laptops that we sell on, these are usually machines that have developed a fault that we have fixed ourselves, they are very reasonably priced and are sometimes better value than going out and buying a new machine ! The number we have at any one time can vary, but if you are looking for a machine, then please check our for sale page.


CCTV Supply and Installation 

We also supply and install CCTV remote access and standalone systems for business and home users. We have been involved in building and configuring PC and non-PC based digital video recording (DVR) sytems for our sister company Baywatch Security Limited since 1995.


Remote Acces to your CCTV system

If you have purchased a security camera system, and rather than view it on the screen that came with the system, you would prefer to view it on your computer or smart phone, then we can arrange this for you, we can also set up most camera systems so that you can view it via the Internet wherever in the world you are.


Wireless & Wired Networking

If you have more than one computer in your house, did you know that for very little cost you can "network" them, this means you could share all the important documents (photo's, music etc.) on one machine to any other machine in your house. This can be done via wires and hard cabling, but can also be done over wireless technology which means you can access your files from anywhere in range of your wireless, even sitting in the garden.

We send an engineer out to check your WiFi distribution in your home or business and advise you on how to improve the wireless range and the suitable equipment you need to buy.


Data Backup & Recovery

What would you do if your computer hard drive stopped working and you lost all your documents, music, pictures etc. ? Like most people, I would imagine "panic" and "scream" would be right up there ! It doesn't have to be like that, we can help you by installing an external hard drive, and set up your PC to back up your important files on to it. We don't recommend any frequency for backing up files as it differs from person to person, what we always say is "back up as little as you like or as often as you like, but remember - whatever you change from your last backup, how important is it not to lose it !". External hard drives are inexpensive, and easy to install and set up. It would still be annoying if your hard drive broke down, but at least your data would be safe and it could easily be copied onto a new hard drive.



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