Prices for popular services.

Other jobs are charged by the hour.

System Diagnostics from 25.00

System diagnostics refunded when repairs are carried out as part of the job.


 Our Curent Pricelist for services & Repairs

DESKTOP PC's and Laptops:  
Operating System Installation & Configuration  57.00
Data Transfer from 35.00
Virus & Spyware : Detection & Removal  35.00
Full system health check and clean up 35.00
Full System Diagnostics 37.00
Standard Hourly rates  45.00
Desktop/Tower clean (vacuum and brush) 15.00
Home Callouts from  55.00
Laptop Screen replacements from 95.00
Laptop Socket Repairs/Replacents from 75.00
Laptop  (vacuum and brush) 35.00
Memory Installation  25.00
Components - H/W and S/W Installation  25.00
PC System Build from 75.00
Hard disk drive and optical drive fitting and setup  25.00
Hardware repairs fixed labour rate per job 100.00
OSX Repair and installation 100.00
Full System Diagnostics 50.00



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